Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Digital Insight & Revenge

Honda on the other hand, has Thought long and hard
about the most innovative digital release in automaking history,
that was unfortunately, followed by a gigantic business loss,
joining the EV-1, RAV-4 EV and Honda EV in terms of profits,
BUT the Honda engineers employed kaizen or continuous improvement
and will be releasing the Insight Revenge on Earth Day.

The 1st Generation Insight still holds the American Record for MPG at 70 miles per gallon for a mass-production vehicle, but in reality it was hand-built by Honda's best engineers and probably sold for half the build costs including all the engineering. Even so, only a few thousand of the world's best marathoner sold for the few short years that the Insight invited the Prius over from Japan to change automaking forever. The Insight project was shut down just like GM's EV-1, Toyota's Rav-4 EV and Honda's EV because the Insight business was bleeding to much.

The 2nd Generation Insight (5 minute video avail at link above) will release to America on Earth day and has pre-sold out around the world. Initial production was targeted at 10x the 1st Generation Insight and if Honda sells over 100,000 of these digital Prius fighers, I would have to declare digital automaking beyond the start-up phase.

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