Friday, September 25, 2009

White Gold News Links

To celebrate A123 (AONE) better than expected IPO today
which officially starts the race towards White Gold (Lithium)
I'm providing you with some of the better news stories recently:

Orocobre Plans to Start Lithium Output in Argentina (Update1)

The Daily Start-Up: A123 Systems Strikes While Lithium Is Hot

New Material Aims to Make Lithium-ion Batteries Safer

'Saudi Arabia of Lithium' To Produce Batteries By 2016

Western Lithium Looks to Expand Carbonate Production in Nevada

Why Warren Buffet is investing in lithium

Ghosn (CEO of Nissan), Immelt (CEO of GE owner of A123 Lithium battery leader) see future for electric cars as WHEN not IF

Will China Beat the US in the Electric Car Race?

Digital's Analogue Bottleneck

Although I preach and cheer for faster digital development
of automotive technologies, I must admit that the car of
the future cannot become completely run by computers...

Many argue that Lithium is the analogue bottleneck,
or in this case, the big supply & demand question mark?

Some writers think there will never be enough
and others think there's plenty of it worldwide.

What's known for sure, is that the Lithium reserves
on planet Earth are distributed differently than oil.

According to Enough lithium for hybrid boom? Most say yes,
the USA is the most serious about leveraging
Lithium reserves and is getting the most to
market proportionally while Bolivia with the
most reserves in the world.... sits tight...

Locating lithium

Shares of global lithium supply by country
Production Reserves
Chile 39.30% 22.10%
China 13.30 16.20
Australia 11.00 2.40
Russia 10.80 n/a
Argentina 9.80 14.70
United States 8.40 0.60
Bolivia 0.00 39.70

Source: Meridian International Research, 2005 levels
adapted from

PS Lithium has tripled in price during The Hybrid Phenomenon!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Analogue vs Digital WRECK

What's the difference between the analogue car that would have killed you
and the digital car that would've saved your life???

Computerized (aka "digital") safety devices!!!

Computers save lives!!!

Analogue Cars and Trucks KILL MILLIONS

Did you know cars and trucks
kill more people each year
than AIDS and other diseases???

Group Warns of Global Road-Death ‘Epidemic’

How many less deaths would there
be if the fleet was digital and
networked like our other devices?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

VW Digital Hybrid L1

VW Digital E-Up!

Renault Digital ZEC

Audi Digital Concept

Message from Frankfurt: Hydrogen’s Out, EVs Are In; Software Is Key

It's good to see the masses finally keying in on the fact that automaking's destiny is digital. Software is a foreign language written in digital known as 1s and 0s to a computer's Central Processing Unit (CPU or engine) which can't really understand anything other than a digital stream of code more commonly known as software.

Did you know that some modern cars have almost 100 small analogue to digital processing units or mini computers already in them???

Why not go electric and eliminate many of those redundant systems and software to save money, create more jobs to help society on a larger scale???

BMW Complicated Digital Concept

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