Thursday, February 26, 2009

Who Wants to Borrow $25,000,000,000 of Your Digital Tax Dollars???

$25 Billion to Promote Electric Cars Is Untouched

The electric car battery war

Tesla CEO: Federal loan for electric-car plant could come soon

BusinessWeek ponders lithium ion market war

Loan sought for electric cars by Nissan

Peugeot Puts Analogue and Digital Together

Start Your Analogue Engines and Digital Motors!!!

Digital NOS in Spanish

FREE fueled NOS braking NOT included :)

BMW's PhD Perspective on Digital F1

F1 Finally Goes Digital!!!

Kinetic Digital Flybrid Boost

75% OFF Digital Hybrids 1/2 Half in Weight!!!

Lithium-ion finally gets a startup rival
which basically boils down the digital
fuel race down to chemical vs mechanical powered digital powertrains!!!

Ferrari Finally Goes Digital

Congratulations to Ferrari!!!
I've been wondering when you were going to go digital
and the wait was worth it!!! Flywheels are sexy enough to battle horsepower with Kilojewels!!! It's great to see a world-class powerhouse accelerate the digital race!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

California Digital Dreams

Designed in California Customized in Silicon Valley

World's Most Expensive Digital Car Made in USA

If you can find one of these consider it the rarest and potentially most valuable digital car ever made. Very few were manufactured and most of them were crushed. I'm guessing a valuation of an easy $1M in decent shape today and $5-10M when digital automobiles become the majority.

Tesla hires Detroit for Designed in USA

Tesla led the way opening the door for digital domination but soon realized that industry expertise is key during the growth stage. Are digital automobiles finally out of the garage? If so, will the Western United States (which designs the majority of future automobiles) continue sucking auto industry talent from Detroit, the UK and other places? If so, California, Oregon, Nevada may set the new digital curve in automaking!

California beats Detroit

tZero Jumpstarts Western Digital Automaking History (Tesla's DNA is BORN)

Quickest in the West

Oregon is quietly racing out front of the digital pack. Just take a look at the list of Auto X Prize teams and the long electric drag racing history. Could the state that does more trade in used automobiles than any in America be the darkhouse in the digital race? I think so. If you are a smart auto exec serious about your future, you might want to setup a small shop in Oregon and build your own digital darkhorse in stealth mode. Start your motors!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Made in USA Digital Motors

How many Made in USA digital automaking jobs are these pictures worth???

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Digital Race

Ford, Porsche and most successful tinkerers turned automakers got their start in racing.  Ford focused on explosion engines after Edison pounded his fist encouraging Ford to drive off his limited grid and Porsche started out with hybrids setting land speed records to get the attention of Mercedes Benz father who recruited him over to Daimler.  They both sought speed years before they started some of the world's longest running automakers.

Believe it or not most everything we drive has roots in racing.

Looking forward, one can only imagine if these
digital designs and digital technologies will drive
the century of digital automaking dawning today?

One of the most intensive tests on any new racing technology
is a 24 hour race like the one this Gumpert Apollo Hybrid entered.

The future is looking efficient and fast!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

How fast would Edison think?

Before integrated circuits (ICs) and computer processing units (CPUs)...
computers filled buildings with glass tubes to punch holes in dead trees!

The era of analogue supercomputers also spawned the greatest American genre of automaking: "musclecars!"

Right before Silicon Valley delivered the first personal computer born in a wooden box to two hippies in the 60s (Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak genius billionaires) Detroit's motor city was pumping out masterpiece after masterpiece: from the 1st through 3rd gen Camaros, Corvettes, Mustangs, Firebirds, Trans Ams, Barracudas, Challengers, Chargers
to those famous components like "six-pack" "double-barrel" "4 on the floor"
the 60s and 70s were arguable the pinnacle of
American Automaking genius!!!

Then came the the Oil Embargo (1973) followed by Jobs and Woz rocking our world with the Personal Computer (PC) on April Fools, 1976!

Analogue American Automaking had a stroke as the stork delivered Digital Computers changing life on Earth forever.

Since the mid-70s American Automaking has been falling and Digital Computermaking has skyrocketed into every industry including automaking which buys 10 times more
computers than Silicon Valley type companies and develops many more digital patents than computer geeks themselves.


The obvious answer is "horsepower" or "horses" which has been the basic business model ever
since Edison pounded his fist on the desk of his electric company encouraging Ford to
develop his stinky loud 4 wheel bike because it could travel beyond the electric grid.

Yes, the world's most famous electrician was the root
responsible party for 100 years of internal combustion engine
development driven by the quest for more horsepower...

Well, looking back to those beautiful 60s and 70s American Masterpieces of analogue automaking
one couldn't blame them for demanding more and more oil to feed the horsepower business model.

Unfortunately, the model broke first in the 70s killing every world class American design
except maybe the Corvette and Mustang and the engine blew in the 2000s requiring
funny money intravenous injections!!!

Shelby Hitches Electric Horsepower to World's Fastest Coach!!!

Jerod Shelby (not Carol Shelby associated with Mustangs)
has brought the "horsepower" business model back from
the dead by attaching a major Defibrillator to

"World's Fastest Production Car"
taking the cake over yesterday's kids
and even the automaking veteran Fisker.

NOT ONLY could Jerod's Digital Masterpiece
"World's Fastest Digital Automobile"
thanks to Jobs and Wozniak and not Edison
blowing by Tesla challenging the old adage
of "first mover" with "faster mover"
is accelerating world-class status leading the global mobility revolution!!!

Congratulations Jerod
enjoy this moment in the quest to become one of the
few automakers who survives the analogue to digital energy shakeout...

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