Saturday, January 31, 2009

Revolution Y

What do you get when you cross FREE wind & FREE sun with $$$ super capacitors???

Who says digital automaking can't clean, green and fast???

One look at the RORRMaxx and one could say the Revolution Y,
in other words, the design, idea, research and development of
digital transportation ideas by the LARGEST Generation EVER
to be born into and come to power in the United States of Automobiles
(YES!!! Generation Y outnumber Baby Boomers by millions)
is off and running and has hole shot out of the station!!!


WAY TO GO Rory and Maxx,
you just proved that a picture is worth a thousand words
and have earned what other generation took centuries to gain
in a few simply sexy designs!!!

It doesn't hurt to be connected though
and even Bill Gates who runs the majority 
of every digital computer on this planet
also had a well connected father...

My expectations will be higher
but so far you have delivery the concept goods!!!

All the luck in implenting and KEEP UP THE GEN Y DIGITAL AUTOMAKING!!!

Fisker Karma: Sexy Green Luxury

  • The world's most important auto show
  • just opened to the public in "motor city!"

As predicted, the most sexy,
attention grabbing, exciting
and watched world debuts
were the Lithium and other
digital world premieres.

Fisker's Karma proves that
digital automaking is moving
from the startup to growth stage
showing that real technology
can be ramped just as fast as
a .com can develop a website!

Fisker and Tesla are starting the
digital revolution and the big
automakers are losing marketshare.

GREAT JOB Henrik and good luck
in the quest to be the last 1 or 2
digital automakers standing at the
end of the Lithium bubble...

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