Monday, May 17, 2010

Start Your Motors!!!

After a successful debut at Isle of Man,
arguably the most famous motorcycle venue
in the world that single handily launched
Honda from the garage into a global force

digital bikes just ran the 1st USA race
a few miles from where I grew up at

Sears Point nka Infineon Raceway.

New racing benefits helped
spectators, crew, workers, etc.
talk normally during a race and
it only cost $100 in fuel to power
the entire field of a dozen vehicles!

Economically, the field showed that
the USA is leading the digital 2-wheel race
for now with a hybrid team effort running fastest.

According to Brand X Daily, 10 of the 12 teams
were from California most riding
Designed and/or Made in USA Digital Cycles!

Higbee took the analogue checkered flag
in an international hybrid collaboration
gliding a frame with Santa Cruz, CA DNA
amped by an Agni Indian (as in India)
direct current (DC) motor
based in the UK
designed by a

digital genius who has worked
his whole life for this moment of joy!

The digital vehicle event received dozens of
positive reviews from the press, spectators,
participants and even the traditional race crowd.

Compared to the 1st Gen Digital Prius love hate
it's GREAT to see that digi-racing is here to stay!

Quiet ripples across a global quiet ocean storm brew
as teams of positively charged revolutionary mag heads
accelerate the world's biggest yet damaging business
towards a cleaner safer and faster future...

Men and Women Start Your Motors!!!

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