Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Shockgun Weddings

Here's a digital ten billion dollar list of
shotgun weddings that will change the
world's largest business forever!!!

Compact Power, Inc. (LG Chem, Ltd.) received $151,400,000 of your tax dollars to produce the lithium-ion polymer battery cells for the Chevy's Volt for GM who will invest $240,000,000 of your tax dollars into batteries
Bosch (BOM) and BMW
Ener1 (HEV) got $118,500,000 of your tax dollars to build batteries for Nissan (NSANY)
Daimler and Tesla Motors
Johnson Controls (JCL) and Ford (F) got $100,000,000 for batteries
GE and A123 who landed $249,100,000 for battery packs and systems preferred by many EV race car drivers
Buffet and BYD
Valence and Segway
Panasonic EV Energy and Toyota (TM)
Sanyo and Ford
Saft and Mercedes

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