Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hybrid Option on Every Toyota

Was my hybrid master's thesis too early???

Stanford didn't seem to think it would fit their
new automotive research center focused on "rethinking the automobile"
while Chrysler and Toyota (some of the largest organizations in the world)
are planning to offer hybrids on EVERY future automobile.

Looks like my three years of hybrid research from 2003 through 2006
could have been ahead of it's time... According to the Wall Street Journal at
Toyota will follow the words of Jim Press (Toyota's ex-American boss) below
and offer a hybrid option on every single vehicle before cheap oil runs out!

How can these world's largest business bet on hybrid technology???

Well that's pretty simple:

"hybrids" are compatible with all fuels including
gasoline, diesel, E85, electricity, plutonium, water, wood, natural gas, etc.

ALSO "hybrids" are also buildable in any configuration including:
car, bus, truck, train, ship, submarine, spaceship, etc.

AND "hybrids are already powering every part of our life including:

- most freight trains that run America are hybrid
- our washer dryers are hybrid
- our kitchens are hybrid
- restaurants are hybrid
- commercial real estate buildings are hybrid
- our apartments, houses and office are hybrid
- power plants are hybrids
- our cities are hybrids or more
- our power grids are hybrids or more
- our DNA is hybrid
- our spaceships and spacestations are hybrids or more

so should our daily transportation go hybrid
or jump straight to the inevitable next step - digital???

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