Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Think Digital Revenge

Most digital automaking smaller busineses have gone through ownership changes and some have even survived extinction with emotional and political cries saving these treasures from terrible fates like America's most infamous car faced in the crushing of most all of GM's EV-1s.

Think's electric cars actually made it onto American roads and you can still see the first generation digital golf carts running around many college campuses in the West, manufactured during a time when Big 3 Brother Ford bought Think out too early for today's digital revolution.

Apparently, things went South during the Hummer and Explorer era, at which time an idea surfaced to crush, destroy and kill the Think brand... The public reacted fast, furious and in big enough numbers to save the brand, have the prisoners of trade war sent back to Norway, and a local grassroots rebirth sprouted back here in this video on the world stage.

It's great to see one survivor of the first generation of digital vehicles: GM's EV-1 managed by Saturn, Toyota's RAV-4 EV and Honda's EV flanked by Think and other smaller startups like GEM. EV-1s are worth a million if you can find them stock, RAV-4 EV's go for double original price on eBay used when and if the few celebrities and lucky consumers let them go and the Honda EV is like a unicorn, we've heard of it and seen pictures, but have never actually watched one drive on a public road.

Think of the other hand, has come back for revenge, and is still an edangered yet protected species. We can thank educational leaders and futurists for saving the few American Thinks still helping college workers provide American kids cleaner universities.

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