Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ford's Digital Double Down

Following Honda's Insight Digital Revenge and Prius Fighter,
Ford has announced some big digital numbers to look forward to:


Did you know that the Digital Insight and Prius
were rated in Japan at about 94MPG over 10 years ago???

So why are we driving cars and trucks in the 20MPG range???

Do you remember your first computer???

How much did it cost and how fast was the engine???

My first laptop cost over $3K with a Pentium 2 only 10 years ago
and today you can buy a faster better and bigger laptop for 1/5 the price.

So every few years we should expect either
1) twice as much mileage
2) half the price

So why have cars been going the wrong way???

Ford's Model T on a good day got over 30MPG,
what do you get today in your analogue car???

I'm guessing you paid 5 times Ford's game changer
AND you get LESS mileage...

Ford's Digital Double Down may finally change the
analogue game to digital because once we take
100MPG for granted we can start talking about
making oil last 200 years or more instead of
the century that is currently projected.

Unless we start taking numbers like Ford's 170MPG
we will burn up the rest of our oil in a short century.

Do you want to leave any oil for your great grand children???

Oil to make jet fuel and diesel
that delivers everything
you use and consume
from food to household items to clothes
to almost anything in every store...

Or should we burn it all up running errands and waiting at stoplights???

Even 170MPG won't leave enough for 7 generations
so write a letter and encourage digital automaking innovation
like Ford's bold step to leap frog the inevitable 100MPG goal line :)

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