Saturday, December 30, 2006

the standard ENTREPRENEURial plan

From years of studying and doing, I'd like to share the three basics of entrepreneurship. These can apply to almost any change. New project, companies, organizations, divisions, things and its...

Oh, the truth is that I just re-read my post and after finding some typos I decided to leave in (assuming that the unwritten blog rule is no editing), I decided to add this topic because I hate being dishonest.

Continuing from the last post where I said I'd get to this topic last, here it is:


If you can mix these up and time them right, the theory is that you can accomplish anything.

I quickly learned that writing a book looks like a solo act, but impact is correlated to the size and quality of the team. In other words, for a best seller, I need people. For a company you need a founding team (PS most lasting companies divorce or lost one or more key players early on). I have some ideas for some people in my network to match the following key positions, but only time will tell: EDITOR, COVER DESIGNER, PUBLICIST, POINT WOMAN OR MAN INSIDE ONE OF THE BIG 6 HOUSES AND OF COURSE AN AGENT.

Then there's people like a lawyer, accountant, computer expert, manager, etc. There's also another 100 troops most importantly interviewees and organizational supporters. In other words, I need a celebrity that drives a hybrid and someone inside a company that's behind me.

Do you get the point? You need a solid team more than money or ideas to follow an idea to the moon. The theories say that this is the most important part of the entrepreneurial plan.

The takeaway here is that you need to get PERMISSION from people to put their bios in your plan BEFORE you even start your plan. This is the catch 22 in entrepreneurship. The saying about integrity over smarts, connections and school you graduated from play here.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do in this people area, but at least I've identified the key roles. So consider this a casting call. If you are interested in any of the roles above or any others I forgot, please reply to this post. Thank you!

For me this is the easy part. Eventually I'll post dozens of plans and ideas to prove that. And that will only be two years worth. I don't know how to teach this. I'm a natural. I can naturally shut my brain down through meditation BUT usually let it run. All I can say is that the more the brain runs free, ideas just seem to flow.

Ideas are kind of like watching TV with 300 channels. If you have a cable network hooked into a satelitte that can receive information from all over the world, you'll get plenty of ideas.

IF YOU WANT IDEAS, make sure your antennas are ALWAYS UP and ALWAYS ON. I'm an extremist, but it's the little things that move my world. The way the shadows fall or the KIND of bird that comes over to my bench in the park...

No coment here. I've never had any. The theory says if you have a GREAT TEAM and a GOOD or GREAT IDEA the capital or money flows. I hope to test this theory again, and believe that timing is the wild card here...

Thank you again for reading!

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