Friday, December 22, 2006


This blog is the end of beginnings. It marks a transition: a point where our decisions will affect the rest of my life. Parachutes will open or I may fall. Risks are everywhere and truth is my compass. Thank you for your support.

This first entry comes 7 days after closing a door. It was a big door at the end of a winding hallway or more like highway. On one hand, I handed it a stack of paperwork and on the other hand, I'm supposed to be a master.

A master of what? Business Administration! What's that, organizing, controlling and something else right? It's called a MBA for short, and it's supposed to mean something bigger and better. Something like, you're going to get rich, or you're successful, or you can run a company and manage big businesses. So much for the MBA, I started a blog, not a company. But you know what; I finished off the master's with a project I'm pretty darn proud of. It was what many call a "thesis." Technically, it was a "MBA project, culminating experience or research report."

It was and can continue to be the greatest work of my life with your help. I spent 6 years in 2 MBA programs studying everything from accounting to management, from how to run a retail shop to how the largest corporations operate and affect our planet. Anyway, the point is that the "project" went through many ideas and phases. This blog will capture this path

First a dealership idea and business plan to start up an automaker. The dream was to manufacturer Made in USA open source hybrids with Japanese components, Indian IT and American muscle and ingenuity. Then it turned into a case study. A snapshot from Bill Ford releasing the world's first hybrid SUV to stepping down as CEO. Finally, after 2 years of research and an estimated 1,000 pages of reading, it got rewritten again. And thanks to my professor, a real idea came up.

This is the story of her idea to turn thesis into book. I officially dedicate this blog to all writers hoping to be authors. I've been researching; scribbling and writing for years, but have never shared much of anything with anyone. From poems to song lyrics to "The Hybrid Phenomenon," it's time to open new doors...This 1st blog and 1st post closes the door on a 30 year run as a student... I look forward to the many doors and paths behind them... Who knows where they will lead???

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