Monday, September 13, 2004

Green Motor Co.

September 13, 2004 (first thesis idea, posted raw from original word file)

Green Motor co dba Green Motors


Dameth Rooney, President

Troy Hautzenrader, Vice President

John Acheson, Secretary/Treasurer

Business Plan prepared September 2004
by Corporate Officers

Green Motor Co, a Nevada Corporation dba Green Motors LLCs intends to provide sales and service through automotive dealerships located in Northern and Southern California. Located at ?, CA, our focus is on advanced transportation solutions including but not limited to Hybrid Electric Vehicles HEV such as the Toyota Prius, Electric Vehicles EV, Alternative Fuel Vehicles, AFV, Fuel Cell Vehicles, and environmentally friendly or “green” cars.

Internal Vision
To grow to become the world’s leading sales and service provider for green cars. Since all of our competitors have TRILLIONS of dollars tied up in old school inventory, we should be able to outmaneuver and gain a 1st mover advantage.

Become the place for people to come how have solar panels in their home. The place to come to service Prius, Insight and others. The place to come to convert your car to electric, vegi oil or whatever. The place to come to hipo you vehicle. The place to trade in your hybrid. The place to ask questions about the future. THE PLACE TO DRIVE THE FUTURE

The company seeks two stages of growth capital to procure and outfit its 1st operating facility. Commercial real estate funding is required to secure and outfit a location to satisfy manufacturer direct dealer license requirements due by December 31, 2005. And working capital requirements will be used to hire employees and for operating expenses.

The 1st round of funding can be secured by a commercial real estate property zoned for auto dealership activities, and the 2nd round of financing can be secured by a 25-100 car inventory.


INSERT rendering of dealership by Dan Hautzenrader here with

- 15 EVs/SMART cars
- 5- Prius
- 5 Insight
- 5 Civic/Accord Hybrids
- 5 Ford Escapes
- 1 Lotus Elise
- 1 Porsche conversion
- 1 Vegi Oil conversion
- 5 replica EVs such as 1967 GT 500, Cobra GT, Bug,

IT Dealer Directory

Arbutus Repair & Communications
Louis Vallee
Mayne Island, BC, Canada
Phone: (250) 539-5317
Fax: (250) 539-5317

B & W Golf Cars Inc.
Steve Parker
10491 Corkscrew Commons Drive
Estero, Florida, USA
33928 Phone: (239) 221-4653 x201
Fax: (239) 221- 4600

Bellingham Chrysler
Randy Tobkin
1801 Iowa Street
Bellingham, Washington, USA
98225 Phone: (360) 752-5579
Fax: (360) 527-1047

Electric Vehicles of San Marcos
Roel Zamora
San Marcos, TX, USA
Phone: 512.353.5505
Fax: 512.392.5262

Enviromotive Inc.
Mr. Monty Gisborne
9 Codeco Court
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M3A 1A1 Phone: 416 432 7067

eVehicles of Hawaii
Mark Snyder
831 Queen Street
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
96813 Phone: (808) 589-2347
Fax: (209) 379-2396

Harold Severson
Buellton/Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Phone: 805.686.0811
Fax: 805.688.7976

Maxwell´s Auto Service Ltd.
Doug Maxwell
249 Westminster Ave. W.
Penticton, British Columbia, Canada
V2A 1K1 Phone: 250.492.6723
Fax: 250.492.7278

MC Machinery
Jim Johnson
1200 South Dearborn Street
Seattle, Washington, USA
98124 Phone: (206) 328-1750

NEVrland Inc.
Claudine Andrews
741 Front Street
Suite 140
Celebration, FL, USA
34747 Phone: 407.566.0911
Fax: 407.566.1151

Smith Golf Cars
Mr. Ed Smith
5680 State Farm Dr
Rohnert Park, California, USA
95428 Phone: 1.800.445.5526
Fax: 707.584.5595

The Horner Group LLC
Tom Horner
12301 West Bell Road
Suprise, AZ, USA
85374 Phone: 623.977.4121
Fax: 623.977.7136


Let's face it. Americans love their vehicles. But the U.S. spends about $2 billion a week on oil imports, mostly for transportation fuel. This need for oil affects our national security. Also, vehicle emissions are the leading source of U.S. air pollution, which jeopardizes our health. Fortunately, there are solutions to these problems. Vehicles powered by domestically produced, clean alternative fuels and other energy efficient, advanced technology vehicles can help reduce our dependence on imported oil and improve air quality. 9/13/04

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