Monday, April 20, 2009

Fill erv Up with Digital Fuel

Why does the last few meters of the World Wide Web
still run over analogue copper wires???

Could it be that a ubiquitous or commonly adopted standard
is just too embedded into society to change that quickly...

The European digital automaking world would disagree
in terms of the future of filling up on digital fuel.

Rather quickly and quietly, they have standardized
the future gas station as 3 prongs filling 400 volts.

That's kind of like gas station decades ago
deciding on the same size nozzle and octane.

For all you digital automaking enthusiasts out there,
start your 400V motors, controllers and transformers.

All those proprietary designs that R&D has spent billions on
over the past few decades will probably be replaced by a few
common ubiquitous simple yet heavy duty versions of the household plug.

Think twice before you install a special charger at home
like the ones designed for the EV-1, RAV4-EV, Honda EV, Think or Tesla.

Or who knows, maybe we'll see an alphabet soup of adapters,
cords, transformers and converters at the local Radio Shack
so you can plug in your collectible early model digital car
into the new standard just announced???

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