Sunday, February 1, 2009

How fast would Edison think?

Before integrated circuits (ICs) and computer processing units (CPUs)...
computers filled buildings with glass tubes to punch holes in dead trees!

The era of analogue supercomputers also spawned the greatest American genre of automaking: "musclecars!"

Right before Silicon Valley delivered the first personal computer born in a wooden box to two hippies in the 60s (Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak genius billionaires) Detroit's motor city was pumping out masterpiece after masterpiece: from the 1st through 3rd gen Camaros, Corvettes, Mustangs, Firebirds, Trans Ams, Barracudas, Challengers, Chargers
to those famous components like "six-pack" "double-barrel" "4 on the floor"
the 60s and 70s were arguable the pinnacle of
American Automaking genius!!!

Then came the the Oil Embargo (1973) followed by Jobs and Woz rocking our world with the Personal Computer (PC) on April Fools, 1976!

Analogue American Automaking had a stroke as the stork delivered Digital Computers changing life on Earth forever.

Since the mid-70s American Automaking has been falling and Digital Computermaking has skyrocketed into every industry including automaking which buys 10 times more
computers than Silicon Valley type companies and develops many more digital patents than computer geeks themselves.


The obvious answer is "horsepower" or "horses" which has been the basic business model ever
since Edison pounded his fist on the desk of his electric company encouraging Ford to
develop his stinky loud 4 wheel bike because it could travel beyond the electric grid.

Yes, the world's most famous electrician was the root
responsible party for 100 years of internal combustion engine
development driven by the quest for more horsepower...

Well, looking back to those beautiful 60s and 70s American Masterpieces of analogue automaking
one couldn't blame them for demanding more and more oil to feed the horsepower business model.

Unfortunately, the model broke first in the 70s killing every world class American design
except maybe the Corvette and Mustang and the engine blew in the 2000s requiring
funny money intravenous injections!!!

Shelby Hitches Electric Horsepower to World's Fastest Coach!!!

Jerod Shelby (not Carol Shelby associated with Mustangs)
has brought the "horsepower" business model back from
the dead by attaching a major Defibrillator to

"World's Fastest Production Car"
taking the cake over yesterday's kids
and even the automaking veteran Fisker.

NOT ONLY could Jerod's Digital Masterpiece
"World's Fastest Digital Automobile"
thanks to Jobs and Wozniak and not Edison
blowing by Tesla challenging the old adage
of "first mover" with "faster mover"
is accelerating world-class status leading the global mobility revolution!!!

Congratulations Jerod
enjoy this moment in the quest to become one of the
few automakers who survives the analogue to digital energy shakeout...

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