Thursday, January 31, 2008

Start Your Digital Engines!!!

Influenced by the founder of Tesla's story here:
I wrote this short piece about why the digital car
and not the electric or gasoline or diesel is what matters:

RE About Tesla's Founder
This is a beautiful story in progress, but I would like to politely disagree with one thing.

There have been many theories about why the electric car failed. But did it?

Through the period of the car's invention and growth, the electric and steam hybrids dominated the analogue market. Kind of like AOL dominating the .com boom over copper wires.

What happened?

The internet went digital (broadband) just like record became CDs quickly replaced by the digital iPod that really took off when Jobs lowered the price of flash memory for the world in one deal (nano).

Now imagine if some startup halved the price of Lithium or nano-Lithium or crystal Lithium batteries with one order.

Why would they be making that order?

Because the car went digital, not electric!

Why did it take 10 years from CD to iPod or dial-up to broadband or Walkman to Zune or Tube to Flat Screen or book to Kindle?

Because in between the industrial age (analogue) and the information age (digital), there has to be a analogue to digital converter for the masses.

A dial-up compatible website to plug into your Kindle or TV Guide to run your device or a free cable box for broad band or free iTunes software compatible with any computer OR a hybrid compatible with any gas station.

There has to be an analogue bridge for what I estimate a 10 year period followed by a swift takeover of the analogue industry, it's players and technologies.

The electric car was never killed or came back to life!!! The analogue cars, ie steam hybrids, jet powered, hover crafts, air hybrids, fuel and tube powered electrics have been dying for 110 years.

The analogue car is dying a long awaited slow death and the digital car is accelerating out of the information revolution's garage.

The digital conversion requires a critical mass as well as followers than can safely have one foot in the analogue world and one foot in the digital world.

With 1,000,000,000 million hybrid-electrics (each of these has 300-650 digital patents involved) owners having paid extra to straddle this digital divide, the time is now for several digital organizations to fight to become the standard (like Apple and iPod) as well as many analogue giants to fall (like Zenith at worst or Pixar owning Disney at best).

Start your digital engines!!!

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