Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's DIGITAL Product, Smart Guys!

In response to It Is The Product, Smart Guys!
by Jerry Flint at Forbes

I wrote the following comment that parallels
today's auto industry struggle to the music
industry as it went from LP to CD to iPod.

In other words, a analogue to digital conversion
that kills SEVERAL companies, creates mergers,
and only the BEST digital leaders rule!!!

Posted by johnmba | 01/23/08 04:39 AM EST
Jerry, another brutally honest article backed by behind the scenes people problems! Great work aiming the problems at management, you're right! More head will probably roll and there might not be enough heads that make sense to take the last of the Big 3 to the digital frontier. Every car company is facing the same thing the movie and music companies faced when Napster and the iPod came along. Analogue Vinyl records (made from oil) might foreshadow today's Hemi V-8s. Analogue diesels and analogue-electric hybrids might be yesterday's CDs and CD players. The question is who's gonna make the digital iPod for the world's largest business? Remember that Apple failed years ago with the digital Newton and even after Napster gathered more customers than have bought the world's #1 selling car and truck, it went belly up! Do you see any cheap MP3 players (ie Chinese electric cars from Dr. Seuss) on the market? On the other hand, is Fisker and Tesla working on the iPod? It's gonna take a lot of failed products and something really special (a digital car with new interface) to create that iPod for the auto industry. And who was responsible for the iPod? One of the greatest digital leaders and managers of all time. In fact, he pulled off a digital over analgoue conversion by becoming the largest shareholder of the holy grail of music and media (Disney) in a $7.5B so called merger and suddenly the manager is the most hallowed media company's largest stockholder. This would be similar to a great digital automobile manager and technology firm merging with GM, Ford or Chrysler to become the majority shareholder. Now which manager could pull that off? Tiny profitable Porsche will be the first to try as it takes over VW, that company that invented the 45 record.
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