Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Innovation Hacker Stanford Golfers?

I couldn't help but praise the gifted
Gary Hamel
on his piece at Harvard Business titled
Innovation Hacker

A few days later, I walked into my office and discovered an elongated box propped up in one corner. “Oh crap,” were the first words out of my mouth when a shiny set of Wilson irons tumbled out of the package. Nevertheless, within a few days I was down at the Stanford University driving range with a bucket of balls at my feet and a 7-iron in my hand. My first swing slammed into the ground a foot behind the ball, sending an electric shock up my arms. Another hideous spasm and the golf ball was whizzing sideways, provoking startled stares from my fellow range rats. “Dear-mother-of-all-things-absurdly-difficult,” I thought, “this is hard.” And then, ten, or twenty, or fifty lunges later, I connected—and with a whizzing sound sweeter than the air intake on a Ferrari F430, that little white orb started to soar. Up it went, suspended in the sparkling autumn sky. And then, 160-yards downrange, it returned to earth, bouncing softly on the grass...

You are an amazing gifted and entertaining while enriching writer! The business community is lucky to have you and American is unfortunate to have lost you... Keep up the great work and maybe I'll see on the Stanford links. If I get into a PhD program I applied for, you've inspired me to get my grandfather's golf bag out of the closet and hit up the driving range a 9 iron away from CarLab the center of innovation in the world's largest business that I hope will jump start the automotive industry's struggle to transform from an analogue based to digital industry.

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