Saturday, January 20, 2007

I love the Reflex and Volt!!!

Raw Response to
Ford Considers Plug-in Hybrid
at Wired's Autopia

Conventional cars only use about 12 or 15 barrels of oil for every 100 raped from Earth to turn our wheels...

Hybrids double that.

Plug-ins go even further...

Electrics get up to 90% efficiency!!!

Conventionals are yesterday, hybrids are now, plug-ins are next and electrics are the future.

Ford's decision to work on plug-ins will only help in the mid term. Since Toyota used over 650 patents on its hybrid technology, rivals have to license or throw in the towel in the short run.

Ford and GM have a giant opportunity to leap ahead on plug-ins and electrics if they can get to 1,000 patents before Toyota.

If those hybrid patents (by the way, Ford used 350 on the Escape Hybrid with 21 blueprints from Toyota) cross-over to electrics or plug-ins, Ford and GM might want to collaborate or find a new powerplant that can beat the Prius at 37% vehicle efficiency and eventually run with Tesla 90% efficient roadster...

Good luck Detroit, I love the Reflex and Volt!!!

Posted by: John Acheson | Jan 20, 2007 6:47:10 PM

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