Saturday, January 20, 2007

January 2007 First Half Review

Do actions speak louder than words?

Here's a recap of my first two weeks into the year of the boar:


- Received an A+ in last MBA course!
- Graduated and got letter of congratulations for MBA!
- Submitted the "thesis" for copyright
- Started book proposal
- Started collaborating on an article
- Attended a reading/writing weekly group
- Posted several early versions from 2004 to this blog


- Prepared two tax returns (a couple of dozens forms)
- Prepared two condo lottery applications (almost 100 pages of financials each)
- Got two forms notarized
- Submitted federal application (over 100 pages of demographic and financial information)
- Wrote a few business correspondence letters
- Handled and shipped dozens of packages with invoices
- Wrote and received and estimated 300 emails


- shopped several web hosts and found a good solar one
- leased a few more domain names
- walked about 200 blocks
- bused and took light rail around the city
- car shared a Honda Civic Hybrid for a few hours
- landed a couple major tax clients

maybe actions do speak louder than words,
after feeling like I didn't get enough done,
I just read this over again and feel better.

Thanks again for reading!

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