Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Investing in Digital Automaking

How can one invest in the future of the automobile
after over one hundred years of analogue development
during this cusp of a massive industry wide transition
to digital technologies from clean diesel to electrics???

Daimler just gave you the chance by swallowing 10% of Tesla.

As most digital automakers like Telsa are privately traded
you cannot buy their stock on the public markets so since
Daimler is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange
and owns 10% of Tesla as of the same day MPG and greenhouse
gas emissions standards started the American digital automaking
race you can research and invest in Daimler to place bets on
clean diesel luxury automaking along with Tesla power trains.

Investing $50M for almost 10% of Tesla roughly values
the leading electric sports car maker almost at half
a billion dollar company after only delivering
a hundred or two roadsters to customers, WOW!!!

Here's some helpful links for you:
NYSE: DAI on Google Finance or Yahoo Finance

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