Monday, May 18, 2009

Driving Digital's New Dawn

The digital development of automaking will see a new dawn tomorrow
driven by new laws that deem dirty to average cars illegal!

"This is the single biggest step the American government has ever taken..."

What's the number one factor and
number one consumer benefit that
is driving digital automaking?

Many studies and most of the research over the past decade
shows that higher gas prices cause digital cars and trucks
to accelerate in sales as buyers seeks higher MPGs.

Starting tomorrow, the USA MPG bar will move significantly
higher than ever before in American history as
California's green digital screams turn into new laws
on capitol hill; the highest MPG state laws are being
studied to establish a new federal wide standard that
will force digital automaking unto all players
that want to continue to enjoy the most important
car and truck markets in the world.

CA and CAFE's millennial son could become the biggest
stick in the history of digital automaking and I'm
going to place my bets by buying Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
common stock traded on the American markets because
this digital automaker has the highest
mileage fleet being bought in the USA.

These companies also hire tens of thousands of American
workers that are working to make cars and trucks cleaner
so that our precious oil used for everything from shipping
everything you buy at every store to your toothpaste tube
to every toy to your entertainment center and computer
can last longer and we don't have to burn up the rest
running errands and waiting at stoplights.

Remember that all digital vehicles have the ability
to stop burning oil at stoplights and stop signs!!!

Based on the assumption that a new race to 42 MPG
for automaker fleetwide average will take off tomorrow
the following analysis is based on Greenopia's MPG ratings
of 42 automakers from Ferrari at 12 MPG to Smart at 36 MPG
allthough the list does not include brands such as Tesla
that earn well over 100 MPG in gallon of gasoline equivalent
which doesn't matter anyway in terms of investment since we
cannot buy public stock in them. Also note that companies like
MINI or Smart are also not available as stand alone investments,
so the trick is to find the automaker that has the best MPG
AND has enough volume on a stock market to enjoy appreciation.

25 MPG BRANDS: there's only six brands
(Smart, Mini, Scion, Honda, Saturn, Toyota)
that get over 25 MPG and of those
only two are automakers (Honda and Toyota)
as Smart is Daimler, Mini is BMW (20.5) and Scion is Toyota.

How many brands at the bottom of the list are in bankruptcy?
Hummer (15.5 MPG), Cadillac (17.6), GMC (17.8), Jeep (19.1), Dodge (19.2)
and interestingly, none of these brands have launched a successful digital.

In summary, I have decided to buy shares of HMC (Honda Motor Co., Ltd.)
at market open price based on anticipation of the new federal digital race
towards 42 MPG and hope that my investment in the 500 companies that Honda
runs continue to provide us with benefits, utility and future value!!!

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