Saturday, December 15, 2007

Why was the Prius designed?

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RE this car was designed mainly for congested city streets and stop/start driving

Correction: this car was designed under the G21 project for Global 21st Century. The vision was about energy and environment. The mission was to double the mileage of a concept in R&D. The manager in charge of the 1,000 engineers demanded doubling the mileage so the team had to throw out 80 designs to get to the funky little car that became the Prius. It was designed to get twice the mileage of a standard Toyota compact to unveil right around the Kyoto Protocol. It was being driven as a visionary concept, not as a city car. It became that type of car after the popularity exceeding everyone’s expectations after celebrities bought them and the American version were modified. Did you know that Japanese version has an electric only switch? I imagine it would create lawsuits by hard users in America that would burn up the SynergyDrive 650 patents, so they left a blank spot on the dash. The Prius design was very simple, double kilometers per liter.

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