Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hummer vs. Prius

This topic goes on and on, so it's about time to post something on it.

In response to
Hummer vs. Prius
Have you heard the one about the Hummer that's greener than a Prius?

So have we, and Sierra magazine's Mr. Green has done the math to settle the question once and for all.

I sent the following email to Mr. Green at the Sierra Club:

Mr. Green,
Excellent energy analysis in the Hummer vs. Prius,
but although I'm a big hybrid supporter and spent
3 years waving the flag captured in The Hybrid Phenomenon,
there is some truth to a dust to dust analysis.

You only looked at fuel energy, and did not take into consideration
the energy to manufacturer, distribute and assemble each product.

The key difference in the Hummer vs. Prius
is Made in USA vs. Made in Japan.

Cars and trucks have what 2 to 3,000 moving parts
from around the world,
all transported by btus you didn't count.

Whether or not components are recycled,
there is still a transportation cost
both in energy AND carbon AND economics
that is rarely brought together in the same study.

How much energy is required to mine the nickel,
ship it to China, process it, then on to Japan,
then into a battery, then into a car, then onto a ship,
and then back to Los Angeles, and then onto a truck,
and then to a dealership, etc?

I heard its 500,000 gallons of heavy oil one way
for about what 2,000 cars?

Great analysis for btus on one component of 2,000
but you left out transportation and carbon impact.

It might be more green to buy local,
and fill up with the closest grease...

What if green depends on where more than what???

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