Thursday, September 9, 2004

Imagine Pitch

Imagine a green world driven by smart cars free of traffic and smog…

Over the past 100 hundred years, the traditional car has undergone little change. The world now produces over 50M units per year that kill or injure more people than most of the world’s illnesses and diseases. Manufacturing cars has not been sustainable and creates 40% of the world’s smog leading to respiratory and cancer deaths and injuries.

Traffic accidents are the most frequent cause of death among travelers. By 2020, they will become the world’s 3rd leading cause of death and disability. In 1998, the World Health Organization reported over 40M people killed or hurt by traffic injuries. 1

Oil wars have set the stage for a changing, confusing and chaotic 2 macro-environment that has created new and innovative products: hybrid vehicle (HEV), electric vehicles, alternative fuel cars, green cars, smart cars, networked cars in various transportation industries. What do they all have in common? Computers have disrupted today’s vehicles to make driving fun and safer for mankind and his environment.

Hybrid cars like Toyota’s Prius are the tip of the iceberg, from selling 10,000 units the 1st year 2001, to a projected 50,000 units per year in 2005, 20,000 customers in the US alone are still waiting for delivery. Toyota reports that they have pre-sold over $1T in Prius and Lexus EX-400h SUV and are struggling to keep up with green car demand.

American big oil and the auto industry are the most unsustainable games on the planet. Two answers are: 1) new public policy such as Governer Schwarznegger’s allowing solo HEVs in commuting lanes or 2) private sector driven entrepreneurial innovation like the Prius. The problem is that America may be left far behind and Bush’s $1.7B fuel cell grant and Kerry’s $10B innovative automaker proposed grant show that both sides of the US government are pushing for something new, innovative and BIG!

This feasibility analysis proposes to focus on the private sector by an in depth analysis of the big and innovative new game that’s been pulled by consumers: green cars.

“Drive the future: a feasibility analysis of an American? green automaker and business plan for US based green auto dealer.”

1 World Health Organization
2 Dr. Richard McCline

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