Friday, September 25, 2009

Digital's Analogue Bottleneck

Although I preach and cheer for faster digital development
of automotive technologies, I must admit that the car of
the future cannot become completely run by computers...

Many argue that Lithium is the analogue bottleneck,
or in this case, the big supply & demand question mark?

Some writers think there will never be enough
and others think there's plenty of it worldwide.

What's known for sure, is that the Lithium reserves
on planet Earth are distributed differently than oil.

According to Enough lithium for hybrid boom? Most say yes,
the USA is the most serious about leveraging
Lithium reserves and is getting the most to
market proportionally while Bolivia with the
most reserves in the world.... sits tight...

Locating lithium

Shares of global lithium supply by country
Production Reserves
Chile 39.30% 22.10%
China 13.30 16.20
Australia 11.00 2.40
Russia 10.80 n/a
Argentina 9.80 14.70
United States 8.40 0.60
Bolivia 0.00 39.70

Source: Meridian International Research, 2005 levels
adapted from

PS Lithium has tripled in price during The Hybrid Phenomenon!!!

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