Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Why are the different types (full, mid, and light) and brands (Toyota, Ford, General Motors, and Honda) so important and what contributes to that?

Your question is a great technical question
that people tend to get very emotional about.
So again, the future depends on who and what
regular people buy.

Kind of like brands of clothes regardless if they are made from
organic cotton or chemicals,
brands and stores and prices usually mean more.

So now that you understand that our world's future
is becoming more digital and that we've powered
the industrial revolution with chemical power such
as coal, oil and gas, it's easy to see the difference
between the types of hybrids and brands.

The level of digitization depends on Research & Development
in the largest business in the world for the most amount.
For example, Toyota spends 10 times Apple on R&D,
but according to a recent survey in Tokyo among 20 years olds,
most don't want a car because they want iPods and digital things.

From light to full, there are R&D costs and technologies that
depend on patents. So if Toyota has 650 patents for the Prius
mostly on the transmission, tranaxle, generator, braker, powerplant
called the Hybrid Synergy Drive, it means that Ford for example
has to make a different hybrid OR pay Toyota for licensing.

Another example, is that oil companies have the R&D patents
on some high voltage digital batteries for cars so car companies
are rumored to have to pay oil companies when people buy hybrids.

Unfortunately, how digital (light, mild or full) depends on
- costs (R&D, patents, licensing, legal)
- what and how many patents you control
- who is working for you in terms of engineers

The Hybrid Synergy Drive is VERY IMPORTANT to Toyota
because they paid billions to R&D it before everyone else,
so guess what, Toyota has the most FULL hybrids on the road.
Toyota had to build a $1,000,000,000.00 factory just to make
the computer that controls the electricity in the hybrid which
is about the same amount of R&D money that GM spent
on making and killing the now million dollar EV-1 digital car.

The emotional part of R&D is pride!

Honda engineers are never allowed to work for another automaker,
so if Toyota comes up with a full hybrid, Honda will try to pursue
another idea in R&D.

Think of types of hybrids and brands like a race
where everybody wants to wear a different color
and drive a different type of technology.

Unfortunately, the consumer has to pay
for all these different choices, failures,
and dirty secrets that costs billions.

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