Saturday, September 15, 2007

Internal Explosion Engine

Response to
Frankfurt Motor Show: A Look Back at Tomorrow’s Engine Technology
avail at the New York Times Automobiles section

When you compare the Internal Explosion Engine’s 122 years of evolution to other innovations it lags far behind. 1 power stroke per 4 for a theoretical max efficiency of 25% is that same as today’s cars slinging 8 of every 10 gallons of gasoline into the atmosphere as heat or smog.

Other innovations like the battery powered (several generations of chemical engines to Lithium today) mobile phone or computer (two generations of engines from vacuum tubes to transistors) or even the typical hybrid washer/dryer (from hanging things outside to natural gas-electric hybrids in almost every home) have leapt ahead in efficiency? Why? Electricity is cheaper than gasoline…

Could it be that the largest business in the world makes more money the less efficient our cars are???

It may not even matter, because even after 122 years of flat development, we only have a billion vehicles on Earth running the same theoretical engine as Mr. Benz’s patent.

I wonder what the other 5 of 6 human beings that have never bought a car will be driving next???

Do you remember what your 1st car was and how much it cost???

There’s still 5,000,000,000 people dreaming of buying their 1st cars or trucks…

— Posted by John Acheson

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